Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Painting and Drawing

My nephew Marcel drew and watercolored this snowy tree. He was hilarious because he tells me,"I love to paint but I have only painted once in kindergarten!" He was very emphatic about the love part.His eyes were literally sparkling when he said it. He is only in the second grade by the way. Then he tells me that he loves to paint trees but he has never drawn a tree before. I swear kids crack me up. I think it turned out well.

On another note. I hung out with a bunch of school teachers in the beginning of April. Basically the arts are not really available in elementary schools unless you have a teacher that finds a way to make it happen in their class. I know this isnt surprising information but it still hurts to hear it. Also I was horrified about the state of school libraries as well. They were telling me that in very low income areas the school library is no larger than a janitorial closet. WTF was all I could think.


  1. i like what your nephew said. kids can be so incredibly cute. they've got this endearing and honest way of putting things...

    and about the libraries in low income areas...that's so sad, it makes me depressed! i LOVE libraries. everyone should have access to a great big, kick ass library!

  2. That's a swell tree your nephew has drawn--straight out of Dr. Seuss or the Little Prince it could be.

    That's really disgusting about the libraries being so tiny for low income areas--and don't even get me started on the cutbacks for the arts!

  3. being around kids can be so refreshing :)