Thursday, May 12, 2011

This Morning

I was channeling my inner Essimar. Essimar is Esther Ramirez.I love love love her work. Visit her blog and shop on etsy.

I had lots of left over tissue paper from the paper flowers I made for Sophie's birthday party.

I just couldn't throw it away....

So I made my own little paper art installation over Sophie's bed this morning.

I am not done because I ran out of doubled sided tape.

Its kind of grade school but it is still fun to do it.

They remind me of colorful dragon scales for some reason.

The colors also reminded me of my favorite hat I bought while in France.


  1. I love it! It doesn't remind me of grade school but even if it does you, it still looks really awesome. Well done.

  2. insanely beautiful! thanks so much for sharing! and thank you for telling us about essimar--what a talented, lovely spirit!