Wednesday, May 25, 2011


These delicious violet treats are filled with pickled eggplant. So pretty YOU can eat them!

Here are the traditional triangular ones filled with a sweet garlic and the others filled with umeboshi which happens to be a pickled japanese plum. YUMMMY!

Here I am with rice all over me and it was all over my face too. These were my belated food birthday gift from little Harumi. That is her middle name but its so cute I call her that all the time. They were all gone by Sunday afternoon. Also just so everyone knows I cant even leave comments on my own blog. Whats up with that?


  1. wow, you made onigiri!
    if you wet your hands first the rice won't stick to your fingers so much.

  2. Hello mr sekimachihato!I didnt make these here. I was stuffing them into my mouth though and making them fall apart. I have made them before and even have cute little flower molds for the rice. thanks for the tip though I didnt know that and had that problem before.

  3. Wow. I have never heard of these. Looks delicious.

  4. thanks carmie and thanks for stopping by!!!

    they certainly were ms huh....maybe if you are ever in town we will get tricia to bring some.