Friday, May 13, 2011

Flowers from the Garden

I should have been doing other things.

But I couldnt help myself.

So I went and cut salvia, purple lantana, yellow and pink lantana, spanish lavender and succulents of course. Also I cut off some stems of my cyclamen plant.

Aeonium arboreums...

Oh and a graptopetalum for your viewing pleasure.


  1. pretty colors! i had a post that got lost when blogger went down too :0
    hope you're having a nice week-end

  2. What a crazy bunch of gorgeous flowers. SOCAL is so perfect for lavender and it is one of my favorite flowers. I like your pink-purple wall behind the bouquet.

    Oddly, we just bought a HUGE bag of lavender for our prop house. We have moths and read that they don't like lavender.

    Stupid moths!

    Don't tell your husband but I trashed a succulent today. I cut off a few promising stems and heaved the ugly scraggly thing. If I get out to SOCAL I want to visit your husband's succulent shop and look at a graptopetalum in person!

  3. Such beautiful flowers! I'm impressed and jealous all at once!

  4. That all came from your garden? Well, aren't you fortunate! Beautiful pics Shellie.

  5. did your post come back kim....mine did but not any comments

    thanks jim they are crazy indeed oh and there was also scented geraniums in there as well.

    i am particularly fond of mauve and consider myself lucky that my husband doesnt mind my love of intense colors.

    Mauve silver and bluegreen were my favorite crayons as a child.

    I love lavender too and have two kinds of the spanish variety dark purple and a mauvey one too.

    Let me know if you are ever in socal you would be welcome to come visit our little backyard nursery although its considered an at home business.Someday we hope to have a shop but its madness as daniel works full time in little tokyo in los angeles so those plans are for the future. We actually live about 50 miles from Los Angeles which is a little less than an hour when the traffic is light.

    Yes apparently moths dont like lavender proof they are little beautiful bastards....hey maybe that would be a great childrens story a moth that loved lavender.Good luck getting rid of them. I also have a loathing for gophers little bastards indeed.

    Thanks meagan but you will soon have your own garden of loveliness....hooray for you:)

    Thanks janis i just wish i took photographs as well as you and jim. I am thinking about taking a class sometime in the future. i have a moderately fancy camera and i should know how to use it better. However you are the lucky one you get to visit the missing goat and the thought of her place makes my heart swell.

  6. ah! now i know that those are called lantana...they are everywhere in hong kong, i love them, but never got to know the name. finally! :) now i can say i love lantana

  7. wow! you could just walk outside an pick these flowers from your garden?! how cool is that?! they are all really beautiful. love the colors!
    lucky you!

  8. So rita you are a lantana lover....i love the weird herbally smell they have too.

    thanks lw...someday i hope to have a full fledge flower garden what i have is not so much but colorful....and i love the flowers you bought for your terrace.

  9. Beautiful photos and arrangements! Thank you for sharing the all these happy colors : ).