Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Birth of My Blog

The birth of my blog I cant believe I finally have this up. This week has been crazy for me. Ive been working on all kinds of drawings for my linoleum blocks, writing estimates for flowers, rearranging my etsy store, and my youngest sister got married on Thursday. I made her bouquet and her husband's boutonniere. I was disappointed to hear about Domino Magazine. It had become my back up after House and Garden folded at the end of 2007. The cool thing which happened was I was listed in the treasury west on etsy. Our street team leader put me on it. Thanks Cindy! I also got my Anthropology catalogue. How cute is the polka dot dress on page 7 , the flamenco shower curtain on page 44, and the sheets on page 37! I could go on forever! I thought I'd share the pictures with you!


  1. Your welcome!! I'm just trying to start my blog too...I'm just doing a lot of research so i can do it myself. I really like the flamenco shower curtain, too.

  2. Love that polka dotted dress! Wish I looked good in stuff like that (I have no waist and very shy about showing my legs. eeek!)