Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lets Dish

Here is one of the arrangements i made from my garden for the party last saturday night...

We had about 30 people show up...it was very fun...but of course i didnt really get any pictures of the actual set up...next year i will...the above is the arrangement from a distance...

We had nine pies...i still cant believe it...i thought the pie contest would be relatively small...but nine out of thirty...not too shabby...my cousin sandy won with her banana cream pie...she said her eyes were watering...but she was totally crying...

Party guests at the end of the night...the night was so pretty...it was like being at the blue bayou restaurant...anyway im looking forward to next year's party....Thanks to all that came...and for those that couldnt come... maybe next year?


  1. Yes it was! I wish I could've stay longer, but Teri and I were both so bushed. But I was really glad to visit again and see your (at least superficially) very Nigella Lawson home and lifestyle. And that brisket, the chicken wings... Holy eff. Love!

    Did you like the plums? Will pick up the steel bowl next time I'm in town.

  2. i love the plums but had to cool it on eating them as you know they have the same effect as prunes...since thats what they are...i am going to make a plum clafouti with the rest today!

  3. What fun, I love parties. Definitely time to think about another one.

    Love your flowers, :) T.

  4. beautiful flowers! sounds like it was a great party!