Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cow Cow Boogie

I know this is a cheap post here and believe me ....there are more intensive posts just around the corner....but i wanted to share this song with you....i LOVE LOVE LOVE this song....i have been thinking about it because my little boy is going to be one next week and we are having a cowboy party....this song probably wont be played....but maybe because i am kinda bad sometimes!

*update* in case you dont know who the singer is its ella slap your should of known that!


  1. Holy eff, Jack's almost one?! Wasn't he just born?!

  2. ha! ha! "he was raised on loco weed!"
    great song sf!!!
    happy bday to your little boy!
    my little guy is 14mos. now....and running wild

  3. yes one on the sixth times flies and stops for no one....he is also running around like a maniac....and for anyone else i havent raised my son on loco weed....but that sure is a funny line!

  4. Happy B.Day to your little one. Oh what fun, to have a Cowboy B. Day Party!

    Have a lovely weekend, T. :)