Tuesday, March 6, 2012

todays doodle

well its actually on kraft paper with ink pencil and acrylic paint but i was messing about with it on photoshop. so i discarded the color and used the curve feature and i kinda liked it. the only problem is her tiny little out of proportion and in the wrong spot ear. oh well its just a doodle ,right?


  1. it's gorgeous! i always wonder what is the best way to work with my freehand sketches digitally...

  2. It's a really nice doodle, dear --- I can totally see this being used for a greeting card or part of a poster. :)

  3. yes!she's cool. you should sign up for the art house co-op 4x4 self portrait project here:
    it'll keep you doodling and sharing/giving :)

  4. thanks kim i will have go take a look