Monday, November 23, 2009

Things to come

I took a good look at my analytics this past weekend and let me tell you they are frightening!
So I know I better start a bigger fire under my butt!
So I present you a sneak peek at some items coming soon! Cotton totes in turquoise and red.
There are also some other designs so you will just have to stop by my shop December 1st.

I have also printed some more turquoise cahiers small and large ones. I was surprised how quickly the first ones sold. I am also working on some wooden tile necklaces. So we will see how that works out!


  1. I love the little notebooks! :) Great design!

  2. These are gorgeous designs - off to check your shop out.

  3. Thanks for all the really nice comments! By the way Ive checked out all your blogs too...really great places to visit!

  4. Love this!! I tried to do a bag before with my 10 year old.. needless to say..I have no idea what I am doing!!!!