Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What To Do With Your Chistmas Cash?

Some people get cash for Christmas...Wow!...I wish I could get scads of cash...Are you listening Santa???? Anyway if you are one of the lucky ones I thought I throw out some ideas for you to drop those after Christmas dollars!

My first idea on how to spend your money are these fantastic earrings above by VeraRodrigues.

Above are a set a super cool cups by circaceramics. They have an amazing selection of ceramics.

This coloring book by ClaudiaGPeason is currently sold out but its so cool! Maybe she will have one in stock by January.

If I wore belts...I would so wear this Turquoise Poppy Belt by MoxieandOliver...I would so take anything from this shop.

I love this bag with all my heart...Its called a Truffle Bag and the teal color is amazing. The shop is called Morelle and if you love bags... which I'm sure you should go there immediately!


  1. great selection - thank you for showing us these shops, I wasn't aware of them before. Really like that teal bag, I'm a sucker for a good bag.