Friday, December 18, 2009

Its Beginning To Look Like Christmas

A scene from our little, itty, bitty tree...

Our Christmas Star...with a turquoise feather boa( of course!) and star lights!

Spooky Christmas frogs...I wonder what they do when we go to sleep?

Ethereal...Sparkly...Hazy... Christmas Tree!

I love this photo! It was yesterday evening...the lights... that is what the holiday is really about during this dark time for me...although its not so dark as compared with other places around the world!
So Now I have to wrap up gifts this weekend...finish decorating...the paper star garlands are almost done...baking and lots of baking will be going on this next week...Oh the holiday madness!
I love it! So there will be more photos!


  1. I love Christmas doesn't feel right until they're up, and then, for me, the season has truely begun!

  2. I absolutely love all the lights this time of year...inside and out! I'll be doing mega baking this weekend too!

  3. I love your star :) I bet your frogs party just like my "Xmas Men" do! :)

    So love the lights, off to see the Christmas ships tonight :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, regards, T.

  4. Love your tree! It is so cute! Hope you have a great holiday season! :)