Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well 2010 is finally here and I am still exhausted from Christmas.
Here I am with the snacks and cookies...and the most delicious coconut cake...I wish I still had some! We had a yummy dinner but I was too tired to photograph it. I made an apricot stuffed pork loin roast and yes it was delicious!

Here is the table...not too fancy

Here are the star garlands Sophie and I cut out from old anthropologie catalogues and Victorian trading company wrapping paper.

Here are some gifts wrapped in peach tissue paper,yarn and hand cut tags. All I can say is I will be glad when next Christmas comes around because it sure is hard to get things done while you are breast feeding a gajillion times a day!


  1. Great decorations and I love the wall colors of your house! Very cool.

  2. Thanks!I am always tempted to reapint turquoise or white though.