Sunday, January 17, 2010

There is a Sea Monster in My Soup????

There's a Sea Monster in my Soup

Here are the Tillandsia I mentioned in a previous post. They are for sale in my Husband's Shop.

He let me style and photograph them for him...What do you think?

The middle picture will be available later today. I think the bulbous ones look like little sea monsters! I even put one of my special sea shells in each arrangement. I collected them when I used to body board in my twenties. I'd dig around the shore when I would come out to eat or put sunscreen on. I can honestly say I was always in a super happy place when I found each one of them and I have quite a few saved up. So hopefully they will bring some happiness to whomever purchases these fun Tillandariums!


  1. So pretty! Love the arrangements! ;)

  2. gorgeous! I can never get enough tilandsia