Monday, January 18, 2010

Saying Goodbye

There are four of us now. Eight years ago we bought a teeny tiny fixer upper built in 1928.
Its just a simple little house that still needs a lot of love. Its 895 square feet with 2 bedrooms...perfect for a single couple. The current reality is I must part with the office/studio.
It hurts not to have a whole room to place ones beloved works and have a living room just for living and entertaining. This year I must let the fantasy go...the children cannot live in our communal room forever and they have a lot of stuff even when one really tries to keep it to a minimum.

So I will not be so selfish and let my children have the largest room. I love them but it still hurts.


  1. Oh man... I'm sorry. We'll definitely have to talk about this when I visit! I never really had a workshop and I'm trying to make things work with limited and non-permanent space. :(

  2. Don't worry, surely that you return to be able to have a little space for all these dear things! I live also trying to "mix" home and studio but it's difficult :((