Friday, January 29, 2010


Really I did not. I just had not had the time to sit down and write a proper blog about this. Last Week I was featured on my new friend Christina's blog. It was very exciting to meet someone artsy out here in the Inland Empire. If you live out here you know what I am talking about. She has a shop called PookyButt on Etsy and BigCartel. She makes beautiful things with paper.
Here is a fabulous Pond Lily above and beauteous Roses below. Wouldn't these be great table and garland decorations for your party or wedding...I think I want a small pond lily for my hair.

She made the duplex paper I used in my Valentine Pack! Its two sheets of crepe glued together!Anyway she has a really cool blog I go there all the check out her blog Pookybutt.

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  1. :) Thanks. We have to figure out a day to meet up next week, so I can show you how I make flowers and the like.