Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bassett Road

Oh you must go to see the rest of these pictures...

These rooms are super yummy...

I so want this dress too...the images are from 1st option a company that hooks up photographers with gorgeous places to shoot. That is where the image from the last post is from as well...its sad that these pictures are tiny...but go go go and see the deliciousness


  1. You're right! The colors in there are fantabulous! Where'd they find the flourescent pink pinstripe sofa?
    That's some real eye candy!

  2. I wish I were more girl, that dress is divine - and something that I would try on and would look silly on me. *sigh* once a tomboy....

    I'd love to chat with you via email about your comment on the work/stress issue. Sometimes I forget that part of us is responding based on our genetic make-ups; part from our observed experiences with our families; etc. I would love to here more of your story.


  3. Kim that sofa is fantastic...i just love those rooms...i dont know if i could actually have flowered wall paper though but i do have intense mauve actually style is more of a modern eclectic...i love ikea(because thats the modern i can afford) but i love old stuff too...

    desertbackroadfiend...yes id love to email is i guess anyone else too...i hope my comments werent to crazy on your blog...i have been self evaluating as well a lot me i would look ridiculous as well in that dress...but i girl can dream...right?

  4. such a lovely blog! thanks for all the great Spring-y visuals*