Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I recently bought some buckwheat so i could make my own pancake mix...however before i do that i have to use up the mix i already have...there are bananas and pecans in the batter as well as the garnish for the top...

Here they are frying in heart healthy butter(HAHAHA!) also i visit the bigbangstudioblog a lot and she had a dutch baby on there which makes me think of pancakes as well...they looked super delicious...someday i plan to make them as well...

Here is my happy helper...i dont make pancakes very often so my helper was squealing which is always very funny especially early in the morning...


  1. Cute photo :)

    Now, I need to go get some breakie :) Have a wonderful Weekend, T.:)

  2. How did Sophie change so much? It's amazing how kids grow so fast.

    And those pancakes look absolutely effing amazing.

  3. She's adorable! I'm drooling over here...
    Your little S looks the same age as my little C. We'll have to meet for a playdate someday!

  4. Christina...i know she has grown like crazy...we have to get together soon!
    Kim...yes...we will have to arrange a play date this summer...that would be very fun!

  5. Pancakes are yum! I was in Thailand last month and they served pancakes with bananas as stuffing. They were so delicious, I have yet to try making them. Have a great day!