Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I will be giving this bag away on November 2ND....they were hand silk screened by me....the silkscreen images are from my dahlia blocks....all you do is follow my blog and leave a comment! Good luck....these will also be in my shop tomorrow....there are only 4....later gators! ps...i will ship out of the states!


  1. like the serengeti....sorry i was channeling lauren hill for a second...

  2. following your blog! awesome name haha

    katmckid at aol dot com

  3. My friend just turned me to your blog, and I'm officially your newest follower.

    I love the bag!

    alionandalamb at aol dot com

  4. Very cool! Silk screening is a lot of fun.

  5. That's a very cute bag. Love the flower design!

  6. shellie, you sweet angel, i CHERISH my yellow and pink dahlia bag. some very lucky lassie will be the proud owner of this one! hope all's well in soulflower land; apologies for not stopping by more often but it's a long walk to the internet cafe and the dial-up connection here STINKS! i'm about two months behind on blog reading. sigh.

    sending you hugs from india- xo!

  7. lily really you are too sweet! if anyone gets a chance be sure to stop by bigbangstudio....its the most fantastic blog!!

  8. love to win!
    Heidijaneblankets at comcast dot net

  9. So pretty!! Thanks!
    kufb50 at gmail dot com

  10. I'm SO happy to have found your blog and very excited to be a follower now! This bag is just beautiful! I'm sure they'll sell out quickly. I would love to win!! This would be the perfect bag for me to carry my knitting/crochet projects with me when I have my craft shows. I always bring something to work on to keep busy and this bag is so much lovelier then the plastic grocery bags I usually throw them in! Plus I can show it off to everyone there! *Crossing my fingers*

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!


    P.S. I added you as a favorite shop as well ; )

  11. How can I explain it? Years ago I was a s searching for a succulent wreath for christmas. I found one, but it was so expense (I know, I know), I ended up with the traditional one...perhaps my email floated among the succulent growers in US, so this morning I see this email from SucculentGarden in my mailbox. I open to see it, I read a tiny note about the grower's wife having done a arrangement in Dec 09. So I decide to see it and I found you!
    If this is not destiny of coming to each other? I love this. I read about your art work and your doubts and your life and being a young mom, all sounds so familiar to me.
    I absolutely adore your lovely plant and flower prints. I am an artist and interior designer and photographer(as a hobby) and have taken endless pictures of beautiful flowers and trees. There is absolute perfection in a bloom or a leaf...
    Sorry, I ramble on, since reading and seeing your blog inspired so much this morning! Thank you!
    PS: Keep going and keep going, against all problems, your panic attacks will pass, now that you face your demons!

    Enjoy this weekend! Happy Halloween!


    PS: I love that little bag!

  12. thanks so far too everyone who has entered!
    Thanks echochic....i loved your shop....the bowls are adorable!....Thank you so much victoria what kind words you have for me....im looking forward to checking yours and everyone elses blogs later....