Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Never Tear Us Apart - Beck

I heard this cover on one of my favorite blogs...KnowThyself...james always has something insightful to say... inxs always reminds me of the today while checking my facebook i took a quiz for my totally rad 80s know who i got???? freaking paul reubens aka pee wee is kind of funny though...i thought maybe i would get john taylor from duran duran... one of the questions was do you like your man with makeup(john wore makeup maybe not like nick rhodes but he did) and another inquired if you would like your date to have a grey suit...check...john taylor did...and then voila paul reubens...thats what i get from taking a fb quiz!


  1. i love pee wee! happy thanksgiving to you and your family, sf!

  2. you should have gotten john. i had a crush on him too. actually obsessed. i get it. hope you had a happy thanksgiving!