Sunday, November 28, 2010

Zero 7 - Ghost Symbol

one of my favorite blogs to visit is askforthemoon...lately Anna has had these fabulous little posts about songs and the most visceral part of it...i think its kind of cool...especially since i post a lot of music here too...anyway... this song makes me want to write tragic really does make my heart ache when i hear it...

here are the lyrics: whenever I'm staying you're going away...i learned to part with a smile on my I'm too good at letting go...too easy to say no....


  1. i'm honored that you've mentioned me and my blog. and i agree. this song, as well as many others, when they inspire you to write stories, especially tragic ones, well...le sigh.

  2. whoa! i was expecting it to be real mellow but it got my heart racing. super experimental and a cool blog too!

  3. this song drives me nuts...i love the experimentalness of it as well....this whole album is freaking great!