Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Little Pink Pagodas and Such

I have 7 small blocks of asian architecture made up from my mind....

So i thought i would print up one of each for a complete set for my shop....

The blocks look so pretty with ink on them...

When i was deciding to pick a color i thought of kim baise's little pink houses garland...

Here is my helper making scary monster faces and noises....hello kitty!

I really have a thing for kraft style i am re-issuing some prints that have been out of the shop for a while in turquoise....surprise tomorrow i have to do packaging and more photos....i really need to step things year i want to make larger pagoda prints as well....i really want to sell more but i definitely need to become a little more prolific in the producing work and actually posting it in the shop know the bags from the giveaway....not posted yet....i am lame i know....want to hear my current fantasy?...i make six extra grand next year and take a vacation to tokyo for like 10 back to work!


  1. I think they are amazing!!! Once you have them in the store I would like to get one set. My daughter (14) loves all things Asian and I can see these framed!
    Go for your dream, why not make it reality?
    Happy thoughts!

  2. the half asian in me loves these. the other half loves them as well. i want them!

  3. and your little helper is fabulous!

  4. im glad both parts of you like them....yes sophie is quite fabulous and loud....she is my waffy little girl!

  5. Wow! I really like those beautiful blocks, and the colours work very well too. Good combo!

  6. Shellie, these look amazing. I am so envious of people who have the patience for printing. I have done it in the past and loved it but I am a bit of a perfectionist and so I guess I make it more complicated than it need be hence the frustration.

    Your work looks lovely and pink is one of my fav. colours.

    Have a lovely day, T :)

  7. these are gorgeously beautiful sf! a toast of tea (with sake) to you!!!
    i'm so glad i could inspire w/ the john cougar mellencamp origami!!! thanks so much for the mention and link. you inspire me too.
    now get those mushrooms cut! chop chop chop
    i wanna swap mushroom prints w/you.

  8. thanks so much teresa! kim a swap sound like much fun!!!! who couldnt be inspired by origami and john cougar mellencamp?