Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Is Still Going Strong

Well i have taken a break in the midst of our holiday madness for others.....

Here is some gift wrapping for a customer in florida....hope she likes it!

The house was almost completely dark when i was taking these pictures....i was trying to get shadows and sparkles but i dont have a tripod so most shots turned out blurry....

Here are the cards for an order i printed....i love how the middle is focused....

Here is the other side of that previous shot....but the colors dont look so vibrant....

Here is the box for my order....i dont always decorate them but i try to do it as much as i can....well it looks like christmas will start at my house on wednesday....this is when everything will be wrapped up....poor sophie....last year we started early with the decorating....but daniel and i didnt have quite as many packages to ship either....anyway i hope your weekend was spectacular and full of holiday its time to get back to work!


  1. sheesh, i left a comment here awhile back but i think i forgot to type in the funky password. i always get unusual passwords for your blog like: boogley...etc.
    i didn't know you did giftwrapping for your shop. i like the sparkle tags!

  2. thanks....i was going to sell in my shop at one time but never got around too it...i know whats up with those words?

  3. i was going to sell the sparkley little birds and to not too....seriously sometimes my grammar is god awful....

  4. Shellie, the photos are really cool. I think experimenting with the light if you want to get the sparkle more prominent, have the house lights on and don't use the flash, you will need to have the camera at a high ISO and a steady hand, hope that helps :)

    I still have trouble getting colours the same in shots but working on that and of course there is always photo shop (if Santa brings it :)

    Love your cards.

    Have a lovely day, T. :)

  5. Oh little sparrow!
    Your blog is fantastical! - with fancy pictures here, there and everywhere!
    It tickles my tummy butterflies!
    Enjoy your new year!