Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh My!

Yes...i told you there was a fire under my bum.....

I carved this at a linocut party the day after thanksgiving...and here we are all framed and photographed..... they are my rendition of the jigokucho butterfly from bleach....these two are now residing in my shop!


  1. Wow!!! beautiful, beautiful and fantastic work!!! Are you going to the first L.A. renegade craft fair this week-end? i'm thinking of going on sunday. let me know and we can meet up. maybe next year i'll have a booth if i can ever stockpile enough art! oh and you too, right next to mine so our kids can keep busy playing together :)

  2. thanks! yes maybe we could do that next year....that would be so much fun...
    HEy anna that song from your brother is must be excited that he is moving back to la!