Sunday, December 12, 2010

Last Friday

Here are pancake stacks from our breakfast that morning.....yummy!

baked yam with butter salt and pepitas....this is hands down one of my favorite things to eat....

a mushroom sketch that started at about 2am friday morning you know while i look at blogs and watch my animes.....'cause you know my friday started on thursday....

friday fantasies from my new anthropology catalogue....i just love the stars on the wall they are so dreamy.... favorites from my david austin catalogue....

oh yeah and working for the man at least its my man....


  1. It looks just like my kind of day! A great breakfast, lovely lunch, a ittle reading, a little work!I browsed the Anthropologie catalog as well and started dreaming... Your food looks so delicious!


  2. I went out to get pancake mix after I saw this post!

  3. Come on over for my first give away!!!