Friday, December 17, 2010


A failed attempt of a hand drawn silk screen.....

I screwed this up earlier in the year and was able to rinse out most of the filler....the reddish brown stuff....

So i thought maybe i could salvage i reapplied my filler and liner so patiently and quite diligently....and well.... nope....its not gonna now i have to get some screen remover so i can at least re use the screens....this is the second one i have jacked least Sophie had fun coloring them in....well i did the pink one...but how amazing did Sophie's turn out?... she is 3 and half....well better luck next time to me....hopefully there will be some holiday fun posts next week!


  1. Too bad it didn't work out (I know nothing about doing this) but you should definitely be proud and brag about it to all your friends and family of how good a coloring job she did! Have a great weekend!

  2. silkscreening is tricky. the screen can get clogged easily and always need to be cleaned. i'm glad you're not giving up! the third time is a charm you know ;)

  3. yes mo i will be bragging about my little devils coloring skills!!!!
    yes kim silkscreening can be...the ones i have to print my towels and bags are professionally burned but i thought id give doing it myself a not giving up i shall have success yet....thanks for the encouragement!