Friday, December 3, 2010

The Holidays

This sparkly little pinecone is the only thing holiday like going on in my house right now...

But i like the idea of this origami tree from an old an martha stewart magazine from 2001...

The idea behind this is from the Story of Sadako Sasaki....a little girl who developed leukemia from the bombing of hiroshima...its about folding a thousand cranes to get your wish....she died before she completed hers but her friends and family did....This is our cry...this is our prayer...peace on Earth...This is at the bottom of her memorial...which also brings me to my last landlord before we had our home...he was also on the island of hiroshima during the bombing fortunately for him he was on the other side there digging for yams with his school class...He is still alive and one of the nicest people i have ever met...he was a landlord from the heavens...So with that being said...i also wish the world peace this holiday season because it really does need it...


  1. beautiful!!! i had a customer from ny order 6 strands or origami butterflies all in white. he is decorating his whole house and christmas trees w/ origami this season. i'm hoping to get some photos off him soon. not sure about a tree this year. sid is 16 mos old and would not only tear off any ornaments but also knock it down or climb it! maybe i can hang one from the ceiling... love the sparkly pinecone

  2. What a wonderful and thoughtful post! May the crane always be a messenger of peace.
    Yes, peace on earth!