Monday, December 5, 2011

Hope Your Holidays Are Going Well....

This weekend we did our decorating for the holidays. Sophie and I made a paper star garland for the ceiling. Her and daniel also decorated the tree together while jack ran around in circles to the christmas music and we all drank some hot chocolate. We get an itty bitty tree every year. I dont know maybe when jack is older we will get a bigger one because he is worse than the cat to it. I think when we are doing stuff together as a family that is my favorite gift of all. Tomorrow night we are taking a walk around the neighborhood to check out all the lights children in tow in the wagon. My sincerest hope is that my children will remember and cherish the simple things we did together as they are the are things I hold so closely to my own heart. Do you know what sophie wants for christmas? a heart as big as her grandfather, which is why she is my darling wild girl. So I need to get to my annual holiday baking soon in between packing orders from the nursery. Hopefully we will get together with some friends soon for drinks and some good food! Any takers? Let me know when you are available? Kim? Christina? I have a rolled pork loin roast with shallots and dried cherries in our future and need help eating it! I also read some great blog posts today...very thoughtful stuff.... Up a desert backroad and SkySkinEarth Go read and enjoy! What have you all been up too?


  1. We've been all Christmasy around these parts. Lit up our house both inside and out for the first time and it was magical!

  2. mo your house loooked fantastic and so did your weekend!!

  3. OH my, oh my, that is so beautiful!!
    I especially liked the photo of Sophie (what a cute name!) and Jack together. Brother and sister bond is so special and so is mommy's love.
    I am sure they will remember those happy wonderful time you provide them...
    Especially when they grow up, they will really cherish it :)

  4. the star garland is wonderful! donovan made 24 origami trees we have to string.
    we were without power for 40 hours (from the wind storm) and no heat until today! yikes!!
    your house looks so cozy.
    we need to get together. it's been tooooo long

  5. Shellie, your photos are magical :)

    Believe me Sophie and Jack will remember the simple things.

    When our "kids" come home from college they want to sit around, chat, hang out with us and watch our familys' fav. xmas movie "Christmas Vacation" all tog. and drink tea and eat victoria sandwich cake. Then go and see all the lights in the neighbourhood, simple and wonderful :)

    Have a lovely week, T. :)

  6. thanks also looks like your holidays are shaping up quite well too!

    thanks kim. did you guys get your garland up yet?

    the wind was crazy unfortunately its like that a lot out here.
    hopefully we can get together soon. i sent you an email.

    hey T thanks. i hope they will. i find i am trying to hold on to all of these moments more fiercely as they get bigger so quickly.
    hope your holidays are going well too and i hope you are feeling better too!

  7. oooh lovely lovely lovely...we're not doing anything holiday-ey this year :( maybe next year after we got our new flat..

    yours is fantasticcc <3