Monday, August 5, 2013

always and forever my babies

my little monkeys
scenes from this summer
kim from jikits left a link for a post called the sweet spot in one of her comments
its a great read especially if you have kids
time goes by so slowly yet so quickly
its so easy to get distracted and frustrated
so i kiss them and hug them as much as i can
and try to have fun
sometimes its not as easy as you would think
thanks kim!!


  1. funny faces!!thanks for the link shellie. you're so right 'time goes by slowly ...yet so quickly!' kids in school already? where did summer go?!!!

  2. True!! I love your shots!!! Made me smile :)

  3. Oh my, i just read "sweet spot" it's so touching. Words are so wonderful sometimes... And i think we can have lots of sweet spots, each one a different one where different good things line up for us to enjoy :) may we have lots of "sweet spots"!!

    1. yes ml i always try to keep this in mind especially when i start to feel angry with them. doesnt mean they shouldnt get in trouble but it keeps myself in check.