Sunday, August 4, 2013

St. Anns

St. Anns is a small ocean front beach. I love it. My favorite is Victoria but there are no restrooms within walking distance. I adore Laguna beach.

No I havent disappeared completely.
I am still here.
This year has been very hard for me.
Essentially all of my time goes to my children and the succulent business.
I am grateful.
But I have felt backed up and empty creatively and without an internal push.
Since December I have been quite depressed and trying to find ways to dig myself out.
I think I just needed time.

So with that...
This is where I was this morning and afternoon for about four hours.
It was perfect.


  1. glad you made it to the beach this summer! looks so nice!! i thought of you when i read this article and i think even though things seem crazy now, we are really both in the "sweet spot"
    please read when you get a chance

    1. Me too! we are going back next week and I definitely want to meet in newport or was it seal beach? i have to look at my email. yes we are in the sweet spot. i think those things all the time especially after the fun times we had at the home depot tonight while picking out tile for the bathroom.Its going so fast and i do hug and kiss them and take as many silly photos as i can.

  2. Awesome Shots and what a wonderful place to be, esp. if you are feeling down.

    Hope you are feeling better now, I can totally relate on the depression front, no fun at all :(

    Cheers, T. :)

  3. thanks T. I know you know. kindred souls perhaps? i am feeling better and a little more motivated. it is a wonderful place. i cant wait to go back next sunday.