Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Green Things

Here is a birthday gift I bought for my friend Kristi. It looks more green in person. Lately I have been all about green and its color associates. The pendant is from OliviaMoon on Etsy. She has a great shop. It hurt to give that mermaid necklace away! Oh and there is another image of the mermaid on the other side.

Here is her little lovely all wrapped up in green tissue with a little paper pom I made. I love gift wrapping. I'm a sucker for it...especially if sparkly little tags are involved...speaking of which I haven't finished the ones I keep saying I need to finish... instead Ive been practicing my silk screening skills. Ill show you some photos of that tomorrow...maybe. Speaking of green I wish I had a little more of it...but don't we all.

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