Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday Lunch Indian Style

I love the idea of the Sunday Suppers which is a blog about a cooking class on Sundays. So I wanted to do a Sunday Lunch. I Love the idea of a family and friend meal on Sundays. It seems so old fashioned and communal.Here is my table finally set. We were all pretty hungry.
Here are some ingredients and such I was prepping before hand. What a mess. I need a real photographer when I do something like this.

Here is the table pre-food.

Here are the delicious lambs chops. They were marinated in yogurt, cumin, ginger, turmeric, clove, coriander, and green chili. Then roasted in the oven.

Its fragrant basmati rice with cardamom and clove. Below are sauteed cauliflower,onion, green and red peppers, and turmeric. I love that turmeric yellow.

The condiments might be my favorite parts of Indian food. This is cachumber. Its basically Indian fresh salsa. It has chopped tomatoes, red onion, Serrano chilies, and vinegar. Its good with a lot of other things like scrambled eggs the next morning all wrapped up in naan.

Here is my own cheating chutney. I use apricot jam here because its what I have in my fridge. I heat up a sauce pan hot and then turn it off. I put mustard seed in it, let them pop, and get a little brown. The seeds go everywhere, but its kind of funny. Then I add the jam and seasoned rice vinegar and stir until it all melts while putting on a med/low flame. Then I add red chili flake and heat on low flame for about 5 to 6 minutes. You have to keep an eye on it because it will burn if you are not careful. Then you let it cool.

The chutney goes perfectly with the samosa which were store bought. I like the ones from Fresh and Easy. I know they are store bought, some people think that sucks, but hey I'm 8 months pregnant and my favorite Indian restaurant is 35 miles away. I brush them with olive oil before I put them in the oven. It gives them a crispier texture after baking.

Here are the samosas and a delightful cocktail of fresh mango puree and Asti Spumanti. I had a couple of sips. My Husband and best friend polished off the rest of the drinks. The combinations are so sweet and spicy. This would be a great easy appetizer before going out or a light dinner if you add a salad.
This is the clean up before dessert. My Oh My I certainly look my 8 months pregnant in the background and here is my daughter. Do you think she could stay still so every picture of her is not blurry? Do you think she could keep her clothes on?

Yummy ginger sour cream cookies for dessert! They are soooo super soft and not too sweet. They went perfectly with the mango sorbet. Now this is in no way a traditional Indian dessert just some Indian flavors. I wish I had more right now.

I forgot to include a picture of the spicy dahl which are red lentils with fried spices like cinnamon stick, clove, cardamom, ginger, garlic, and onion. Its probably better because it didn't look so pretty if you know what I mean. The picture in my cook book has them looking yellow orange but mine always look brown afterwards even with the lemon squeeze. I hope you have a Sunday lunch or supper with some people you love or at least go eat some Indian food!


  1. Wow! You must have been cooking for days. I hope everything tasted as nice as it looks - It has made me really hungry thank you very much!!

    I am hoping that your favorite Indian restaurant is near me. What's it called?

  2. My favorite indian restaurant is Akbar in pasadena.There was one in Redondo Beach I think...I ve only eaten at the one in Pasadena. I adore their coco lamb!