Friday, August 7, 2009

What's Been Going on with You?

Well , Sunday my husband tore open his foot and we spent some time at the ER. He is fine. He has just been a little laid up if you will. The good news is we did have some yummy tomatoes and eggplants this week I cant wait to cook 'em up tonight.
I also cleaned up my board. It had old orders and art work posted wherever. So I took that stuff down , added some other art work , and posted a recipe from Sunday Suppers I wanted to try this weekend.

Here is a sampling of my used jars and bottles I plan on using for upcycled containers for flower arrangements.

Here is one of the cutest little succulent terrariums my husband made for me! It has little sedums ,string of pearls, a tiny graptoveria, and little polished rocks. I totally love it. He is so creative.

And finally, here is one of my projects completed. They are 2 more cahiers with floral bursts on the front and backs of them. I need to post them to my etsy shop when I am done here. I hope you all had a nice week and have a good weekend. Hopefully I will be able to post more this weekend as well.


  1. Are those white eggplants? I've never seen those before!

  2. Nice looking veggies! I can't wait till I live somewhere with a backyard and can start a garden.

  3. Your photos are so lovely! I like your flower burst notebooks!