Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Avatar The Last Air Bender

Now you know I love the animes....I REALLY REALLY DO....i know its childish and ridiculous for a woman my age to but i i resisted the urge to see the live action film of this and well finally gave in....m night shyamalan hard....really his movies stink stink worse than my late grandfathers feet and those my friend could clear a room....SERIOUSLY....every single one of his movies sucks at some level if not sorry if you happen to like his stuff....but its just utter crappola....can you tell im mad....i just used the word sucked like 40 million times....that alien movie with mel gibson....horrible....the end was terrible and predictable....that comic book movie with samuel glass aye? what a ridiculous speech to end that movie it was so over the top i laughed for like 30 minutes because i couldnt believe it....i see dead people pretty predictable....oh god and the crazy amish people in the village....lame lame lame....i havent seen the others because well i already know its a waste of time and really this is my own fault....i just want to know who keeps giving him money? ( a late note about this....its not really an anime but close enough!)


  1. I was so busy oggling your pictures of Paris that I completely missed this post! I just watched all of ATLA over winter break with my sister and absolutely loooooveeed it. Best animated show I have ever seen. Such great story and characters! And funny, too. I am oh so slightly still curious about the movie even though everyone I know who likes Avatar has told me it is a piece of crap. Seriously, how could M. Night Shyamalan make such a horrible film with so much amazing material to work with??

  2. well i suppose you should just rent it because thats what i had to could he make any of the shite he makes....sorry i just cant stomach him.