Friday, January 7, 2011

This Week

There were yummy daughter even ate her brussel sprouts....

Scenic backdoor vistas....

And lots of reading of old magazines, green tea, and tangerines( from my tree(hooray!)....I read lots of old magazines because I have lots of see i stopped taking subscriptions because i have so many and really there is so much inspiration that having more becomes a sensory overload....i seriously have a magazine problem...


  1. mmm... i love brussel sprouts and those snow capped mountains are so pretty. california is a beautiful state with its mountains, deserts and beaches. we're off to soak up some nature this week-end. hope you have a nice week-end too!

  2. me too they are so good when they are roasted too...i even love peeling the leaves off tossing them in olive oil with salt and pepper and eating them raw...indeed california is beautiful...those are san bernardino mountains....i hope you all have lots of fun this weekend!