Monday, February 14, 2011

Best Day Of The Year

homemade sugar cookies and frosting....thank you martha stewart!

here are my paper garlands.....

because you have to decorate for valentines....

its a tradition for me because i have always loved this holiday ever since i was a wee little one and its fun....besides who wants to go out and wait two hours for a meal....instead we had friends over for an early dinner....rack of lamb for the adults and homemade meatballs for the kids.... the girls also put the sprinkles on the cookies....can you say yum?

fragrant lilies and....

coral roses from my mom.....

and my best valentine ever sophie louise....we had a great time with our friends that came over in the early evening and i forgot to get pictures of that of course....poor daniel had to work late but we saved him some leftovers....i am officially tired but there is some milk and lemon diner cake in the fridge from the little birthday party my grandmother threw for me sunday night that are calling my name currently....yes and a date with one of my favorite shows the fullmetal alchemist....cant wait until the kiddies are asleep!


  1. Looks like a wonderful day! That cookie looks de-lish. And I love your purple walls!

  2. Lovely! I wish I could celebrate your birthday with you on Wednesday... Damn school. :(

  3. Hope you had a fantastic Vday evening. Looks like a fun party - that cookie looks incredibly delicious.

  4. i love that little birdie dish, your fuschia walls and little girl's adorable sundress! cute decorating!! i didn't decorate, still sore from bowling...

  5. thanks for the compliments on my mauvish walls...who knows what that color really is??? yes the cookies were very good...infact i have to bake the rest of the dough off today....we had a great night....isnt that birdie dish so cute? i thought it would make the perfect prop for my baking!!! it was a birthday gift to myself! isnt it amazing how sore one can get from bowling?

  6. What a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Those cookies look divine and I LOVE the flowers your mom sent! I got deep red garden roses from the hubs and they are gorgeous! We stayed in and had gnocchi in pesto and one too many bottles of champagne. It was a lovely night!

  7. champagne is ALWAYS a good thing....i have a bottle of the pink stuff in the fridge for my birthday tonight!!!!