Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What NO Cake?

well all my birthday plans for today and tomorrow magically fell through....bummer days and oh i got lazy....i didnt bake the cake i was gonna bake and i have been planning on baking it for quite sometime now as cake...good cake is my favorite dessert ever....i didnt eat at umami burger in hollywood....there will be no sashimi or salted salmon onigiri tomorrow....but there was a trip to anthropology and purchases....i ate some northern style chinese ribs with a 5 spice salt and some yummy vegetable lo mein....and there was a trip to the sweet shop which is the photo above....almond roca green apple....dark chocolate seafoam...and some crazy peanut buttery white chocolate rice crispy and marshmallow chocolate chip thing....i guess it wasnt so bad....aye?


  1. happy birthday my sweet friend!!!

  2. thankd for the birthday wishes....if you all were here i would have definitely made the cake!