Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lemon Scented Couscous

what to do with the surplus of lemons....create your own hord'oeuvres....

i used one cup of couscous...six slices of bacon.... about a cup of Parmesan cheese....lemon zest and 2 tablespoons of chopped capers....

delicious....i also imagine drinking shots of cold lemony vodka with this....wanna come over?

i cut a small portion of the bottom of the lemon off so they could stand on their own....

i juiced my lemons to create the cups....if you dont have a juicer you can use a reamer and gently pull as much pulp as you can out....

i also zested two small lemons and mixed the dry couscous with it in a mixing bowl....then you add one and a quarter cup of boiling water and cover bowl with a plate for five minutes....when it was done i added some olive oil (you could use butter as well) touch of salt and poured my plate of ingredients in the bowl and sure to could also use chopped up moroccan preserved lemons too....that sounds super good too....remember im calling this the flavor is not super lemony but rather aromatic....oh yeah chopped parsley would be good in this too!
all done....yummy....if i was going to serve this to guests i would use caviar spoons especially since my lemons are small....i used six small lemons as serving cups and there was plenty left over....i could have probably filled at least between 12 and 14 lemon if you have big lemons it will be a different could also use use small ramekins or bowls too....enjoy i did!


  1. Shellie, you're AMAZING. And I wish I could come over right now to take lemony shots of vodka with you.

  2. ok sf, you better be making up a cook book or getting a youtube cooking show going asap! you rock!! you could have your grandma belly dancing in the background for the first show to get folks hooked (:

  3. a cooking show would be super bestfriend and i always toss that around....yes i think people would be hooked if i could get her to do it!!!1
    christina the next time you are going to be around we will make a date of it!