Saturday, November 12, 2011

From the Garden This Week

so its raining now and im so glad i made myself an arrangement. i know its the same old same old but they are still pretty. i also have devils food cupcakes to share later and some paintings and cards. i am also making caramel today. its wrong oh so wrong. i told my husband my plans and he said should i go buy some ice cream.


  1. What a good Hubby :)

    Beautiful colours Shellie :)

    Have a lovely weekend and fun making caramel :) cheers, T.

  2. they are beautiful and never old.
    looking forward to your paintings and cards! :)

  3. always beautiful and inspiring. yes! please post more paintings and cards!!

  4. are you ok? where are you sf?! your bloggy buddies miss you!!!

  5. thanks t!!! thecaramel was good too good.

    thanks pascale i will be doing that today.

    hey kim...i have totally been slacking. im fine you know just the blahs and playing on tumblr alot 'cause it kinda easy to be distracted by it.

  6. oh my, I have missed so many of your posts!
    Here are storms of comments for you!

    Lovely flowers!! love the colors!

  7. hey pascale thanks for your storms....i really do love hearing from you.