Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Halloween(a week late)

oh the madness....


  1. no words are required on this post! how fun is all that?!
    why am I not there?! haha.
    you were a witch! how fun is that! and how absolutely adorable are your kids!! actually that little devil is too cute! and the little witch has rosy cheeks!!! I cold just go and hug them all right now. I will bring sweets!

  2. love the big witch little witch! and the devil with a bow tie!!!!! a new song?

  3. better late than never! That devil face is the best!

  4. im counting on you pascale to bring sweets. my daughter would love hugs from you because she is a hugging little cuddler....

    yes kim i think it is a new song and your family band should sing it in my back yard.miss you tons...why is life so busy?

    thanks janis...his little face was perfect because he was actually acting like the devil when i put his make up on!

  5. thanks starting to get really sentimental about them as i see them growing so much!