Monday, November 21, 2011


so i made a spirally ham last week.....

so you know it was ham city....

so friday i decided to make cheddar ham gougeres.....

i dont know if they are technically gougeres because there was no parmesan only cheddar....

but they were pretty freaking delicious. they are made with pate a choux dough. which is basically flour butter water eggs to which i added salt pepper ham and cheddar and then baked(you can deep fry them but i decided to give our hearts and arteries a break). Here is the basic recipe i used here. So i added about a cup and a half of of chopped ham and a cup and half of cheddar to the dough just in case you wanted to know.


  1. mmm i was missing virtually eating goodness on your blog!

  2. It looks delish!
    Your are so creative.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Those must have been delicious!
    I love it how you have books on your counter :D
    Are they cooking books?

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    (we don't have that here but I wanted to try and say it)

  4. ah! nice food and art. i know where to go when i need my fix! i like that you share these things from your life! love the halloween pics too. looks like you and your kids had a good time.
    thanks for your comment on my blog by the way. it made me happy. i'm just taking a break. will be back soon! :)

  5. Those look great, and I don't even eat ham! I hope you're having a lovely Thanksgiving.

  6. Mmmmmm!!!! I've just seen it now, before lunch... and I can't get it out of my head! hehe

    How about the result of spraying the succulents for a wedding? What about your husband? Did You surprise him with the result? I hope so!

    Kisses from Barcelona.

  7. im glad i could give you some food for your eyes kim. we need to get together soon,okay?

    thanks victoria. we had a great day with lots of wine.

    hey pascale yes those are my cooking books. i have scaled back the amount of them though. my home would be filled with books and magazines if i decided not to hold back. seriously i need to spend the fall in japan so you can celebrate and cook for all of your crazy american holidays. it would be fun though.

    lw....hello sir....i have missed you that even possible? i am glad you will be back to blogging soon. you two need to come here for halloween because you already have costumes...hahahahaha.

    thanks janice that is always a major compliment when it come from you and your fabulosity.

    hahahaha....Fatima....he was shocked at how well they turned out with the spray paint. they looked fabulous in red and black. the photos didnt do them justice it was a little hard to tell they were painted....someday i am going to runaway from here so i can be close to your floral loveliness....i will process the flowers clean buckets and even sweep.