Friday, March 12, 2010


I am a doodler. I have tons of little journals, notebooks, and scads of paper filled with drawings and notes. I have a hard time committing to an actual drawing or painting. The above is my cahier

Here are some of my doodles for the well as random notes and lists about things. I wish I was good at lists.If I made proper ones I would probably get more done... That is why I love Hula Seventy. Andrea is so fantastic about that.

So I have been experimenting by making my own little journal/notebooks lately. When I have more I show you them...but I was thinking about having a cahier exchange.What do you all think??? It could be fun...let me know!


  1. Love your mushrooms :) I'm a doodler too :)

    Thanks for sharing, great fun post, T.

  2. I am "obsessed" of the notebooks,journals..I love them so much. I always take them with me too; writing,drawing ..
    kisses from Barcelona!

  3. i love this little journal. the cover is beautiful! i adore your artwork:) thank you for sharing! xoxo, juliette

  4. Thanks Juliette...your shop is your artwork as well.