Sunday, March 21, 2010

Look What Mama Bought!

That's right a Nikon D5000. Oh Boy I am excited!!!!


  1. Welcome to the Nikon club :) I have a D90 love it, love it :) Have fun :) T.

  2. HURRAH! You are going to have SUCH a ball with your marvelous new camera! And a fancy one at that. I'm still learning how to use my Canon Rebel I've had since September and I absolutely love it, but my sisters all shoot with Nikons and I have to say I get a little envious when I borrow their equipment.

    Ya did good;)

    (And thanks for stopping by bigBANG- now you can add the Meyer lemon tart to your collection of ways to use up your lemons!)

  3. Very Cool! Can't wait to see all the great photos you are going to take with it!