Friday, August 13, 2010

Chinatown Summer Nights

I love chinatown in los a kid it was my favorite place to was so magical....with lanterns and shops filled to the brim with nice stuff and lots of crippy craps for kids of all ages....i used to have an egg flower soup spoon and fan collection....this is also where i learned to love deep fried crispiness, hot mustard, and how to use chopsticks....although i am not very good at it now....the good news is china town has not lost its ability to seem magical to me....

This month chinatown is hosting a summer nights program every saturday this august....its free and if you go to their site they even have coupons for saturday there is a workshop on making lanterns....and its go....its a family may even run into my family!!!!!


  1. Wow! We have been in So. Cal for 17 years and I've never taken my family to Chinatown. What on earth?? Thanks for this post. You've inspired me to take my family for sure!

  2. hopefully i will make it tomorrow night! ms you should totally go....its so fun there!