Friday, August 27, 2010

Last Weekend

Chinatown Summer Nights are coming to a close....this is the last weekend....

You must go right before you can see it without its glowing beauty....

Then at dusk....that is when the magic in spirited away when the little city begins to light up....

When the darkness is even more beautiful....

Bring your kids....if you have any....its sure to remain in their brain did in mine....

You can pick up some cheap goodies for the kids or for the kid in yourself....

The opposite entrance during the day....Go!


  1. Chinatown is pretty cool. I recently went to Chinatown in San Francisco and had a lot of fun. But I remember seeing Chicago's Chinatown at night when I first moved here and being so smitten over it!

  2. i have never been to any other one except the one in los angeles....i definitely need to plan a trip where i visit different ones around the country!

  3. Did you go to the night? i was planning on going, but ended up being weirdly tired... So I just slept all weekend. :(

  4. no....i had some friends over for dinner....but iam glad that we went when we did!

  5. me too its one of my all time favorite movies!