Thursday, August 12, 2010

You're So Hot

Tuesday night i scored a big a** bag of jalapenos for 94 cents....i knew i was making the pintos and needed to make i froze some to use later and then i made jalapeno boats....

Here is my little helper from yesterday....

I sauteed the corn,onion,garlic,and mexican oregano with chopped up roasted jalapenos and mixed in some shredded cheese....i also sprinkled with a little cheese on top....although the top photo looks like i put a bunch....i assure you i did not....i have also been trying to not use a lot of salt since i have developed high blood pressure....these need more salt for sure though....the corn out sweeted the salt i added....

Here are the jalapenos prestuffed....take out the seeds and try the take out the white veins after you have sliced them in half....pour a little bit of olive oil in your baking dish....mix the jalapenos up in the oil....i did it with my fingers....then sprinkle with a little salt....after you fill them....put them in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes....when that time has passed....add your sprinkled cheese and bake for about 10 to 15 minutes can also add sour cream if you would like and you are afraid they might be too spicy....for me they are not!

Roasted jalapenos....unfortunately i didnt get a good all over scorch....that is really the trick to getting all the skin off....

Here is my salsa....there is no cilantro....i am not a big fan so i did not include it....i think next year i will grow some....that way it will look pretty in the garden and i dont have to waste my money buying a big bunch i am never gonna use up....


  1. Hi! Please have a look at my paintings and sketches. Have some new done.

  2. These look really yummy! Next time I visit, I'll bring you a bottle of drinking vinegar. Apparently, it helps with blood pressure. And it comes in yummy flavors like berries, pomegranate and honey. When you open the bottle, you smell it. But when you put it in water, it doesn't taste like vinegar at all. Strange, right?

  3. My Lord, those looks delicious! I think I'll try making these this weekend. merci for the tip!

  4. tina...i have never heard of drinking vinegars...sounds interesting....pc...i hope you like them...they were yummy my husband ate quite a few last night!