Wednesday, July 27, 2011

cafe lumiere

I watched this movie recently and well I actually had to look it up because at the end I was like"HUH?" Dont get me wrong I got the lumiere reference which I had to explain to my husband. I am not familiar with ozu or the director hsiao hsien. IT wasnt a bad film I just didnt get it. My husband actually rented it and i think its because he knows I enjoy watching the Tadanobu Asano very much....he's so pretty except when he played in ichi the the killer but i loved the fact his character was so flamboyantly dressed and wielding a knife. So has anyone watched a film lately that made them feel like a dummy?


  1. I went "huh??" when I watched "Vanishing on 7th St" least Hayden Christensen is hot...

  2. huh never heard of that film i might check it out and i just realized thats the kid from star wars episode three.