Friday, July 8, 2011

Fourth of July

My brother's girlfriend is korean. So they made korean styled marinated pork and beef for the barbeque. I dont know what to call them other then asian tacos because we ate them on little corn tortillas with kim chi...sp??? dice onion and cilantro and some vietnamese hot sauce. um yum.

Our regular fare.

Here is the hot sauce. You know its hot if there is a big cock on the front of the bottle! sorry i couldnt help myself after all its 1am here.


the evening sky

my step father with fireworks.

crazy shot!

crazy shot number two.

my cousin the way what the hell is on her face. i had to edit the size of this photo and the original doesnt has that spot there??????

the pool with drink holders...yes that my drink .


  1. ah, Sriracha(vietnamese hot sauce) love it, love it, love it. Was a staple of my childhood growing up and (no joke) heard it referred to as cock sauce on many occasions.

  2. I think your brother's korean girlfriend made her original own version of this bbq dish! (like a fusion dish!) sounds delicious!! (I am Korean so I know, haha)

    all the photos spell out happy time, and I love your pool's drink holder :D hee hee

  3. We did Korean-style tacos and bacon wrapped hot dogs too for the fourth. :) Can't wait to see you soon!

  4. hahha thats very true james you and anna must have grown up with some good food!

    yes pascale its was VERY fusion and it was a happy time indeed!

    Yum bacon wrapped jealous but hey bacon wrapped anything is almost always a surefire hit!

    it was thwany!

  5. Jealous of your BBQ! Everything looks so good.

    I have a little backyard where I could have a BBQ party, but it's so unattended that I think it will eventually grow into a forest.