Monday, July 11, 2011


We went to the park after our Korean adventure and ate this delicious udon salad with Chinese pork.

My best friend packed the picnic....oh my it was delicious. It was so cute packed up in the take out boxes. You pour the dressing in and give it a shake and dump is out on your plate. I wish I had some now.

She also made vichyssoise. Its a cold potato, garlic, and leak soup. We were so spoiled.

Here is the tree we sat under.

Sophie brought us this pretty pink flower she found too. What a day we had!


  1. omg! that plate of udon is calling my name. It's great that you have chinese style pork there, we call it char-siew here.

  2. it was soooo soooo good! you should make something like that for a picnic. Yeah thats what we call it too but i couldnt remember the name and was too lazy to look it up too. Hooray for chinese supermarkets here!

  3. those noodles are making me salivate...