Friday, July 1, 2011


When doodles turn into watercolours.

I think the pagoda needs more detail.

More doodle inspiration....should her eyes be open or eyes closed? So I did one of each. Yes I gave her freckles here. Freckles are cute.

Lunchtime. Fancy sausages sundried tomato and mozzarella cheese. They were okay but sophie was in love with them. She ate two!!!! This is the girl that takes one bite and says she is done.

Look what I found on a spring of oregano I was washing off. What a cute little bastard,huh? *HEY STOP EATING MY HERBS!* I didnt kill him though I threw him into the neighbors yard. Im horrible I know.


  1. It's so lovely! I love your drawing!
    And your lunch looks absolutely delicious! no wonder your girl ate 2!!
    Way to go! (clap clap clap)

    I would have screamed if I found that on my oregano.... you are not horrible, glad to know you didnt keep it :p

  2. thanks pascale...i have a friend who is writing little oneshot(erotic) stories for each of the little illustrations i come up with.
    i am going to make a little book of them some day soon!