Monday, February 20, 2012


so where have i been? you know i still love you. i just havent had a lot of motivation.

the winter does that to me. imagine if i lived in norway? poor lw! i dont know how you do it.

but i will admit things are beginning to get a little better as the sun is noticeably out longer.

so anyway saturday the 11th i made an impromptu cocktail party for my brothers birthday.

i actually went to the store and assembled everything in less than two hours.

damn im good and then everyone was late by an hour. thats alright though.

the best part was that my brother cancelled at the last second.

thats alright too but it was kinda funny when we were eating his birthday cake.

it was my birthday this past week too on the 16th. i turned 42. woohoo. no party but i went out to dinner with my mother. that kind of seems like an appropriate thing to do with your mother for your birthday. its sort of an amazing date for the both of you, dont you think?


  1. i love the flower hat lady in the back there :)

  2. I hope your brother had a good effing reason to skip out!!!! At least the bday was a good excuse for a fancy dinner.

  3. thanks kim. i love her too. she is with pastels. i had an idea to do a series of ladies but as you can see one was all i did.

    his girlfriend was sick but its okay i ate cake for days.

  4. oh what cute layout! I love it!
    It makes total sense to go out for dinner with your mom on your birthday :) I have a feeling it's more a special day for your mom than it is to you.

  5. haha, yeah, you can be glad you don't live in norway during the winter! it's rough! During spring and summer it's wonderful though. but hey, i'd come live where you live if i had work there :)